We introduce to you the 11 initiatives that have made it to the final phase. Vote your favorite before December 28.
In this edition, we want to reward those who "make noise" on the internet to bring God to others without fear. We seek the most original, creative and effective “noise” that challenges the youth through new technologies.

In this modern age, technology has become one of the greatest tools for communicating ideas. What better way to communicate good values through an entertaining video game. The Kupina team presents their game "In search of Jesus".

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.76
proyecto3MR wants to change the world. Therefore, the message of nonconformity and hope that the film Rebellio conveys is played by young people who give life to this project. This film will surprise its viewers, as awakens the most idealistic and rebellious side of the human heart.

Total Votes:
Average Score: 4.10
Fearless! In two words is friendship and enthusiasm. A digital platform through which a group of young people try to have a voice in society.

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Average Score: 3.67
Ruta de la Fe (Path of faith) The Venegas and Lepe family present an endearing initiative to tell the world about God. Discover it watching the video!

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Average Score: 3.50
Soul GYM Train your soul for the eternal life. Without leaving your home, take a few minutes a day to get away from the material world and achieve inner peace.

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.37
"Lío en México" (Noise in Mexico) is an initiative born from Pope Francis invitation to move, get up, not to stay still and make noise ouy there in the world. Wanna make noise? Lets go!

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.13
iMisión is a platform that aims to facilitate the ability to: Know each missionary engaged and commited in the digital continent. Constantly being formed to stand in the evolving internet and organizing meetings with other initiatives.

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.91
Con+Gracia (with more grace) are a group of people who want to learn to live with more grace, because it brings us happiness. This daring initiative has no fear to talk about anything.

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.35
Pray the Rosary Challenge (#PrayARosaryChallenge) is an initiative from Guatemala in which they turn around the famous initiative "Ice Bucket Challenge". These girls challenge their friends to pray the rosary and once they do so, they add a whote ribbon or bracelet to their wrist. Great!

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.61
Nun is an ambitious project that aims to stop the number of Christians who die for their beliefs in the Middle East. They propose to have them present with an "N" of the Nazarene in photos of our social networks, so we do not forget those persecuted for their faith.

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.90
Robando sonrisas (Stealing Smiles). Steven's initiative is about sharing moments of the day in which God has made us smile. He tells us more about it on the video!

Total Votes:
Average Score: 3.10


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