Krakow WYD 2016
The WYD Krakow 2016 countdown begins! We pray so that the preparation time for WYD be a time of faith, love and mercy. Will you join us? #prayforwyd
Ana Goulart
Em oração!
15 days
John Posada
In 1991, the 6th World Youth Day which that year was held in Czestechowa in Poland. Again, the Holy Father drew the young people’s attention to the Cross: The Cross, the sign of God’s ineffable love, a sign that reveals that ‘God is love’”.
13 days
Cintia Elena Nicolau
God bless WYD and us. #Krakow2016
13 days
he jiale
pray for the young Catholics in China
12 days
Nathaniel Lee
Dear God, thanks for giving me a chance to join the WYD. Please bless all the teenagers who join the WYD in Krakow, and our Holy Father please bless our Pope Francis and bless the people in the World, especially who are suffering and pray for China!
12 days
Reinaldo Leitão
Pe. Reinaldo Leitão Que o Senhor da messe, abençoe e proteja todos os peregrinos. Que esta JMJ 2016, seja uma oportunidade para fortalecermos nossa fé e unidade, em torno de Jesus Cristo, na presença de Maria, nossa Mãe. Abraço! #PartiuCravocia
11 days
Fernanda Serrano
Praying for all the volunteers that are working very hard to make everything go well in WYD. Also for all the pilgrims that are coming to Kraków! #BrazilianPilgrims #PrayForWYD
6 days
Lealdo Silva
Em oração pela JMJ 2016 :D #PrayForWYD
3 days
Wendel Rodrigues
Deus abençoe e junto com Nossa Senhora proteja a todos! #JuventudeDaImaculada #PrayForWYD
2 days
Henrique de Paula
Que o Senhor cuide de cada jovem e os conduza para uma verdadeira experiência com o Cristo Ressuscitado. #PrayForWYD
2 days


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The WYD Krakow 2016 countdown begins!

We pray for a good preparation of the World Youth Day. May the WYD move the hearts of young people all over the world and allow all of us to discover the hope that comes from the meeting with Christ.

World Youth Day is a celebration of a young Church. Every few years the youth meet with the Pope to pray together and to experience God?s love and mercy. The next WYD will take place in Krakow, Poland in July 2016. The theme of the XXXI WYD, chosen by the Pope, are Christ?s words: ?Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy? (Mt 5:7).

500 days before the WYD begins, we launch a virtual map on which everyone will be able to mark a place where a prayer for WYD takes place. The map will allow us to see how many people are joining us in this prayer and it will enable us to meet young people from all over the world.